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"Don't guess, take it to the vet."

The purpose of this page is to help with better education of fish keepers. So often when I ask people if they have ever kept fish, the common response is,"I used to keep fish, but they died and so we gave up." No doubt, the keen aquarists who have tried to get their friends involved in this very fulfilling hobby may have had similar responses from their friends. So, in better education of my clients and potential fish keepers, we will reduce the number of people who could be "lost" from this popular past time.

Another point worth noting is that you may find that you get a different answer from each fish shop you ask. How do you know which one to go with when each one is adamant that they are correct? I aim to filter out "old wives' tales" from good medicine. The running theme for all the fact sheets is: "Don't guess, take it to the vet."

Visit this site regularly for more useful fact sheets to come..... (please note that these fact sheets are in pdf format)

Author: Dr Richmond Loh

TFV Services and Fees Manual.   Fish Sampling Protocol.

Beginner's Guide to Fish Keeping.   Choosing Healthy Fish.

How To Care for Your Pet Goldfish   How to Care For Your Pet Discus.

How Algal Treatments Work.   How Can You Tell When Your Fish Is Sick?

Treating Fish Diseases - Why not double dose?   Filtration & Aeration explained.

Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate.   Water Hardness.

What To Do During A Power failure.   Algal problems?






Dr Richmond Loh is a fish veterinarian, diagnosing fish diseases and provides fish medicine. The Fish Vet has a mobile veterinary clinic and makes home visits to see your fish in their aquarium, pond, tank or dam. So whether you are a fish keeper, fish hobbyist, fish farmer, aquaculturist, ornamental fish retailer, fish wholesaler, fish exporter or a public aquarium or zoo, The Fish Vet can see you. Some of Dr Loh's patients include Siamese fighting fish, guppies, goldfish, koi carp, cichlid (such as oscars, discus, angel fish and Malawi cichlids), marine fishes (such as clown fish, seahorses, sharks, rays), or large fishes such as murray cod, giant gourami and saratoga (the Aussie version of arowana or dragon fish). Dr Loh does water testing (looking at pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate hardness, general hardness, water temperature, etc.), utilises a microscope to examine your fish's ailments and has access to laboratory testing. Dr Loh has a mobile fish pharmacy, and carries all the medications (e.g. metronidazole or Flagyl, antibiotics such as enrofloxacin or Baytril, praziquantel or fish wormer, fish anaesthetics) that can be dispensed immediately to treat your fish. He has all the fish dose rates and can give in-water medication or injections. Otherwise, veterinary prescriptions can be written if the drug is not in stock.
Common reasons why fish owners call The Fish Vet is because they have sick fish or had searched the internet about any of the following topics that may include viral infection, lymphocystis, gourami iridovirus, carp pox, herpesvirus, bacterial infection, bacterial ulcer, aeromonas, yersiniosis, Yersinia, vibrio, vibriosis, flavobacter, flexibacter, streptococcus iniae, mycobacteria, fish tb, fish tuberculosis, septicaemia, bacteraemia, fungal disease, saprolegnia, achlya, cotton wool disease, fish parasite, protozoal, white spot disease, ich, cryptocaryon, trichodina, chilodonella, costia, ichthyobodo, oodinium, amyloodinium, nematode, round worm, camallanus, flat worm, monogenetic trematode, digenean, flukes, dactylogyrus, gyrodactylus, lice, argulus, anchor worm, lernaea, zoonotic diseases, toxicity, bloat, swimbladder disease, swim bladder infection, pine cone appearance, dropsy, pop eye, popeye, exophthalmia, hikui, jumped out, goldfish laying on its side, hole in the head, head and lateral line erosion, HLLE, HITH, cotton wool disease, fin rot, redness, frayed fins, physical injury, buoyancy disorder, loss of appetite, ulcer disease, ulceration, lesions, haemorrhage, columnaris, wasting disease, velvet disease or not eating.
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