Fish Vetting Essentials (2011)

The handbook is widely used in veterinary schools, labs, clinics and even zoos. It is a comprehensive resource that incorporates elements of fish keeping, clinical medicine and fish pathology.

Powder Gel (Fish Bandage)

Aids treatment of skin ulcers in fish.

Veterinary Consultation

Tired of getting conflicting advice, or wasting time on internet searches? Dr Loh is now available to answer your questions.

Portable Monocular Microscope with rechargeable battery.

Essential where accurate diagnoses are necessary for effective treatment regimens.

Histopathology testing

Enables microscopic examination of all organs to diagnose disease conditions or for a health check.

TheFishVet's Ultimate Field Water Test Kit

Use what TheFishVet uses to make reliable diagnoses for fresh and salt water (including aquaponics). Be able to measure a comprehensive set of 17 water quality parameters.

Vitamin C 100g

100g of 99% active vitamin C.

Fish Vetting Medicines (2012) - Formulary Of Fish Treatments

This book provides a wealth of information on medications and dose rates for the treatment of fish diseases.

Fish Vetting Techniques & Practical Tips - Instructional Video (PAL)

There is no better way to teach or learn, than to show, or be shown.

Fish Vetting Techniques & Practical Tips - Instructional Video (NTSC)

There is no better way to teach or learn, than to show, or be shown.

Binocular Microscope (mains powered).

Binocular eye pieces are perfect for extended periods of use. Small and portable enough for field use.

Digital Pocket Weighing Scale

Digital, pocket weighing scale with stainless steel weighing platform.


Veterinary disinfectant. Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Fish Anaesthetic

Great as a sedative or anaesthetic. Registered for use in certain food fish.

Gel capsules

Gelatin capsules for oral medication of large fish.


Pack of 5 transport swabs for bacterial sampling (Modified Amies Charcoal Medium) for laboratory testing.


Specially designed pens that comes with anatomically correct, 4 gill arches!

Lab sampling kit

2x 50ml jars of formalin and 4 bacterial transport swabs (may vary depending on your specific requirements).

Bacterial culture - aquatics

Identifies bacterial agents and helps to determine which antibiotics to prescribe.

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine – Specific to Cultured, Display and Wild Aquatic Life (hard copy)

Dr Loh’s ISS Institute Fellowship was sponsored by the George Alexander Foundation, officiated by the International Specialised Skills Institute. NB: Nominal fee to cover printing costs.

Trinocular microscope - advanced

Out of stock
For crisp, clear images at all objectives. Choice to upgrade with digital camera (ISH500). Perfect for running histopathology workshops.

Cautery tool

Ideal for delicate fish skin.


For checking water salinity.


Digital, infrared technology.

Vitamin C 1kg

99% active.

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